Bariatrics/Weight Loss Surgery

With So Many Choices Available Now For Weight Loss Surgery, Why Choose MCA?

Great question! There are several benefits to having your weight loss surgery performed through a hospital-based program instead of an independent surgical center.

woman riding a stationary bicycleThe Medical Center of Arlington has a multidisciplinary staff of specialists on hand to help patients prepare for and recover from surgery as well as make the psychological adjustment to a new body and new lifestyle. Emergency care is also constantly available at a hospital-based surgical center, should the need arise.

The first step is selecting a competent, experienced bariatric surgeon.  Second only to that, you will want to make sure that your weight loss team offers the full continuum of services from non-surgical weight management to long-term post-operative clinical and psychosocial support. At our center a personalized plan will be developed which respects the fact that each patient has a unique health history and special needs.

Medical Center of Arlington accepts nearly all insurance plans and offers an aggressive cash price for bariatric surgical procedures.