Patients & Visitors

Patient Responsibilities

As a patient at Medical Center of Arlington, you have the following responsibilities:

  • To ask questions about specific problems and requests information when you do not understand your illness or treatment.
  • To provide accurate and complete medical information to physicians and other caregivers.
  • To provide the hospital with a copy of your written advance directive if you have one.
  • To follow the treatment plan recommended by physicians and other caregivers, or if treatment is refused, you are responsible for your actions and the medical consequences.
  • To consider the rights of all hospital personnel and other patients and ensure that your visitors are considerate in the control of noise, limiting numbers of visitors, and abstaining from smoking.
  • To respect hospital property and the property of other patients. 
  • To report perceived risks in your care.
  • To follow all hospital policies affecting patient care and conduct.
  • To provide the necessary information for processing of hospital bills and make payment arrangements when necessary. The patient, guardian or legally authorized representative will be responsible for the financial obligation of his/her health care.
  • To participate in those educational and discharge planning activities to insure you have adequate knowledge and support services necessary to provide you with a save environment upon discharge.